I’m always choked when someone opts for a cheaper mass produced type hat :x I understand that there is always the cost factor, but don’t you feel special when you wear something that has been hand made with all the love and care in the world?
I slaved over this little guy for maybe 10 lazy hours.. I started yesterday and finished an hour ago.
Anyways, I call this one moon glow, because the colour reminds me of its pallor. I don’t know what colour that is, because I am kind of colour blind and all those colours kind of meld together.
It’s got this lovely static free lining, imported striped brocade that has silver in it, and ivory braid trim, little white flowers, a tulle bow and one little antique key. I’m really excited about the lichen and moss I used, although it’s quite fragile.
I dunno, I’m just really happy with how it turned our and hope someone will give it a home eventually!